Why Is Esports So Popular?

Electronic sports, or esports, are professional video game competitions. While conventional sports have their own leagues and tournaments to select the best players, esports bring teams and individual players together in high-level competitions. As a spectator, esports competitions are just as exciting. Learn more about these professional games and the people involved at LuckyTown888 online casino. You may be surprised to learn how popular esports is! Here are some reasons why.


As a way to stimulate creativity, esports develops brain capacity and improves decision making. As it requires intense concentration, esports players can improve their focus and memory. The skills they acquire in esports can also be transferred to academic performance. Aside from this, playing esports improves time management and the ability to complete tasks in school. The British Esports Association focuses on the benefits of esports for children and teens.


The history of esports dates back to the 1990s, when the Nintendo Entertainment System began to dominate North America. In 1990, the Nintendo World Championships began, and these competitions spanned 29 cities across the United States. This was a turning point for esports. In 2014, an original NES cartridge from this competition was sold for over $100,000 on eBay. The rise of computer gaming and the popularity of video games led to a boom in competitions, and developers jumped into the scene.


Currently, League of Legends is the most popular game in esports, with tens of thousands of players worldwide. In this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), players team up to take down their opponent’s nexus. The game has multiple paths to each base, so each team strategizes how to attack its opponent’s base from the best position. The game is a fast-paced, highly tactical shooter that features a plethora of characters and itemization options. As one of the most popular games in the world, Riot Games has held events year-round, and has announced that it will introduce franchises similar to Overwatch League.


Esports games have become popular in recent years. While the majority of esports players are amateurs, professional teams can earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Several companies have set up leagues to reward players for their performance. Those companies are Valve and Activision/Blizzard, who created the first two franchised esports leagues. Valve, however, has given independent organizers more freedom to hold competitions in other games.

Career options

There are numerous ways to make money with a career in esports. You can become a writer, a coach, a medic, or even an educator. These careers require a great deal of patience, but will be rewarding in the end. You can also be a freelance writer or content creator. You can start small and build up your portfolio over time. You can even apply to work with ESL, an esports league, or as a freelance reporter or editor.


The list of the top 100 esports players is based on information published on the internet, such as news articles, forum posts, and live report threads. It also includes information from reliable databases, VODs, and publicly-available sources. In order to compile the list, we sought to gather information on players’ skill and achievements. However, some details may be outdated or incomplete. Therefore, the list should be treated as a rough guide and should not be construed as definitive or factual.

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